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Biotin | Vitamin B7 | Health Benefits

Basic concepts of vitamin B7

Biotin, vitamin H or vitamin B7 is vitamin of the B complex family. Like other vitamins from this group and biotin is soluble in water, and the surpluses of this vitamin is excreted in urine.

Biotin name comes from the Latin word ‘’ bios ‘’, meaning life, because it was first isolated from white egg, and we know that the egg is the source of life.

Vitamin B7 is not very sensitive to thermal changes, but is sensitive when it finds itself in an acidic environment.

Characteristic of vitamin B7 or biotin is twofold introduction into the body - one way is through food, while the other form is a natural path or synthesizing by bacteria in the large intestine of man. Due to the presence of biotin in food and because of synthesized by bacteria in the intestines, the lack of this vitamin from group B is very rare.

The positive effects on the absorption of vitamin H have followed vitamins - B5, B11, B12, vitamin C, sulfur. On the other hand, on the reduced consumption of biotin affects coffee, alcohol and antibiotics.

The combination of biotin and chromium can help control blood sugar levels in people with diabetes type 2.

Which are the most important sources of biotin in food?

Food is the main source of vitamin B7 and many foods that we use every day contain this vitamin.  

Biotin name comes from the Latin word ‘’ bios ‘’, meaning life, because it was first isolated from white egg, and we know that the egg is the source of life.

The foods of plant origin that exclude among others as a good source of biotin are :

- Banana
- Strawberry
- Avocado
- Watermelon
- Grapefruit
- Grapes
- Mushrooms
- Peas
- Beer yeast
- Wheat germ
- Walnuts
- Peanuts
- Beans
- Tomato
- Carrot
- Almond
- Sesame
- Onion

Foods of animal origin that contain vitamin B7 are:

- Salmon
- Tuna
- Mackerel
- Haring
- Liver and kidneys
- Milk, cheese, butter
- Goat milk
- Yolk
- Lobster

Biological utilization of vitamin H is very different from the kinds of foods; so, for example, vitamin H from corn and soybean flour is fully utilizing, while vitamin H from wheat flour is hardly any improvable.

What are the Health Benefits of Biotin?

Vitamin B7 or biotin is extremely important in the metabolic and enzymatic processes in all cells. His presence is important for the synthesis of nucleic acids and because of that biotin affects the growth of cells.

The presence of biotin in the body regulates glucose metabolism and its route of degradation to the necessary power schemes.

The role of vitamin B7 is also important to preserve the health of the nervous system, because it participates in the synthesis of essential fats which are entering in wrapper of the nerve fibers.

Muscles always need necessary doses of biotin due to producing energy and the bone system needs biotin for the production of bone marrow.

Believe it or not, Vitamin H helps our hair to not become gray and to be stronger and not falling. It helps that fingernails become stronger and less brittle. Biotin helps in maintaining healthy skin as well and it use in cosmetics.

It is known that biotin can alleviate the symptoms of depression.

Biotin deficiency symptoms

Vitamin H deficiency is rarely comes, because there are enough optimal doses in the food. However, if comes to a deficiency of this vitamin, some of the following symptoms may be a sign:

- Anemia
- Fatigue
- Depression
- Pain in muscles
- Hair loss
- Brittle nails
- Dermatitis
- Alopecia
- Seborrhea
- Slow growth

Whenever you see the newborn baby with a yellowish flakes and scabs on the head, eyebrows and the skin behind the ears, you can be sure that this is due to lack of biotin.

Lack of biotin is generally accompanied by a lack of vitamin B5 (panthotenic acid), because both vitamins are mainly found in the same foods.


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