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Cobalt | Health Benefits | Deficiency

Basic information of cobalt

Cobalt is microelement, which can’t be classified as mineral, as its main role is to become part of vitamin B12. In anionic form, or individually fed cobalt, can be very toxic to man.

The body of a man contains a very small amount of cobalt deposited in the muscles, bones, liver and kidneys.

The body of a man contains a very small amount of cobalt deposited in the muscles, bones, liver and kidneys.

Biochemical characteristics of the metabolism of cobalt

Cobalt is absorbed in intestines and in small quantities. At the current absorption of cobalt positively influence the presence of iron, copper, zinc, while the reduced absorption of cobalt in the intestines affect the presence of amino acids as well as iron deficit.

After absorption from the intestine, cobalt is mainly deposited in the liver, about 20%, where it is installed into the composition of vitamin B12 (cyano cobalt amine)

Cobalt is excreted through the kidneys, and in small amount through feces.

What are the sources of cobalt in food?

Food which containing cobalt is of animal origin - liver, kidneys, meat and milk, oysters, clams, fish. Something a little cobalt containing mushrooms, especially shiitake. Fruits and vegetables are deficient in cobalt and the influence on the content of cobalt in vegetables has quality of the soil.

What are daily dose of cobalt?

The recommended daily dose of cobalt doesn’t exist, because he entered as vitamin B12, not as a standalone supplement.

What are the Health Benefits of Cobalt?

• Cobalt is required in the synthesis of vitamin B12 and folic acid

• Together with iron, copper, folic acid and vitamin B12, cobalt participates in the synthesis of red blood cells

• It is necessary in the metabolism of fatty acids

• It is necessary for normal functioning of the nervous system

Deficit of cobalt

It can’t be accurately determined the deficit of cobalt, but it can be determined a deficiency of vitamin B12. Symptoms include pernicious anemia and petechial bleeding.

Cobalt poisoning is possible if taken as a standalone supplement, and it can cause a number of physical and psychological conditions.


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