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Silicon | Health Benefits | Deficiency

A few words on silicon

Silicon (Si) is a microelement, which is necessary for the body functioning and come with plant food. In the crust of the earth, silicon is the most frequent element, while in the human body is deposited in a small amount, only 5 grams and its concentration decreases with the aging.

What are good sources of silicon?

Plant foods are the main source of silicon. Most silicon is found in:

Silicon (Si) is a microelement, which is necessary for the body functioning and come with plant food.

- Whole grains, especially cereal fiber and cereals membrane
- Bran
- Sugar cane
- Alfalfa
- Horsetail
- Nettle
- Cucumber
- Avocado
- Greens
- Strawberries
- Onion

It should be noted that the amount of silicon in plants varies from the concentration of the silicon present in the soil.

What are the Health Benefits of Silicon?

1. Participates in the synthesis and structure of collagen, binding of the fibers, ligaments, bone, etc.

2. It is particularly important for the sustainability of the integrity of the walls of blood vessels, trachea, bronchus, and aorta.

3. Silicon strengthens hair and gives it shine. Silicon is important for healthy nails, and makes the skin elastic, tight and prevents wrinkles.

4. Silicon strengthens the lung tissue and substantially participates in the prevention of the common cold and respiratory infections.

5. Silicon helps with the digestion of the food, remove flatulence, pain in the stomach and reduce the level of stomach acid.

6. Silicon protects the body from harmful accumulation of aluminum.

Lack of silicon

Lack of silicon is usually reflected in the bones and connective tissues that become porous, brittle and inelastic. The most common is the lack of silicon in the elderly, and it often associated with a lack of calcium from the bones.

The lack of silicon leads to sclerosis of blood vessels (arteries) to the occurrence of atherosclerosis and heart disease.

Note: Silicon as mineral is not artificially silicon which is used in plastic surgery.


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